Stand Out Vapes Kaliedo

Quite a few very good mods have come out of the Philippines in the last year, and as the year rolls swiftly to a close, we’ve got our hands on the Kaleido, the first mod from newcomer Standout Vapes.
The Standout Vapes Kaleido is a modular mechanical mod that can accommodate battery sizes from an 18350 up to an 18650, crafted from a two-toned combination of polished brass and stainless steel.
Designed and built in the Philippines, the Kaleido looks something like a cross between the Astro mod by Kato and the Metal Madness Vapors Poldiac. Mechanically, it resembles the former a bit more than the latter: like the Astro, the Kaleido is a bottom-firing mod; the brass disk which looks like a side-firing button is a purely decorative addition, though the intricate engraving does an excellent job of hiding the vent hole drilled into its center. A serial number is engraved into the button along with the “Standout Vapes” name: the unit we tested had serial number 084.
The Standout Vapes Kaleido feels quite substantial in the hand, in large part because there’s a lot of metal there, particularly in the top part of the mod where the stainless steel sleeve on the outside of the mod encloses a brass sleeve on the inside. This give the mod a weighty, solid feel, which combined with the excellent finish and construction of the mod really make the Kaleido look and feel like a top-quality device. Threading of the tubes, caps and reverse-threaded brass locking ring is also about as smooth as we’ve seen on any mod we’ve reviewed.

The combination of brass tubes with the Kaleido’s adjustable copper contact pins add up to a mod with a very high degree of conductivity, and the Standout Vapes Kaleido performed exceptionally well in our load tests. Performance was very consistent between firings, and the mod exhibited very little voltage drop. Voltage retention exceeded 97%, or a voltage drop of roughly .12 volts from a battery charged to 4.2 volts, placing the Kaleido at the very top of our performance scale for mechanical mods.
The Standout Vapes Kaleido’s button has quite a bit of stiffness to it; while it does have a locking ring, we’ve haven’t felt a need to use it. The amount of pushback from the spring is more than strong enough to prevent the mod from firing when placed on end. While this makes the button quite stiff, it’s also got a short enough throw that the mod is still fairly easy to fire, but some may want to replace the spring with one that makes the button a bit easier to press.
Overall, we’re very impressed with the Standout Vapes Kaleido. The build quality of the mod is top-notch, particularly for a debut from a new manufacturer. The looks of the mod are striking, and the performance is some of the best we’ve seen in a mechanical mod. At a suggested retail price of 4,700 Philippine Pesos (about US$107), the mod is also very reasonably priced compared to other high-end mods. Considering the impressive construction of the Kaleido, and the mod’s excellent performance, we can’t recommend the Kaleido highly enough. Standout Vapes has set the bar very high for their freshman offering, and we look forward to seeing what these modders in store for the future.


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