The Bagga Mod by Wu Tang

The Bagga is a brass mod from top to bottom. The body and contacts are all solid brass, though we had the option of a gold-plated center pin, which we used in our test runs. This gives it an exceptional level of conductivity — the Bagga, in fact, has shown to have less voltage drop in our load tests than any mod we’ve tested so far, and it’s less by quite a respectable margin.
The brass doesn’t just add connectivity; it also really makes the Bagga stand out in a crowd. Ours arrived with a shiny mirror polish, though we don’t expect that to last long, given brass’s tendency to tarnish quickly. We look forward to seeing how the Bagga looks once it’s had some time to build up a little patina. The tubes are engraved with Wu Tang’s logo, a serial number, and “Philippine Pride,” written in the ancient baybayin script used in the Philippine islands since possibly as far back as the 13th century.
[Editor’s Note: At least we think that’s baybayin. If any of our readers would like to confirm that, or let us know we got it wrong, feel free.]
It comes with two tubes: one for an 18650 battery, and a second tube for use with an 18350. While we were somewhat disappointed that there is no 18500 tube available, Wu Tang has stated that there will be one for his next mod, which he has said will be named “El Capitan.”
The Bagga has a bottom-mounted button that is quite similar in appearance to the style of button used on the newer iHybrid models. The cutouts around the button, however, are more decorative than functional, as they’re really too small to fit a finger through. However, the cutouts do allow the Bagga to stand on end without the button being pressed, which we find a lot more practical than the locking ring used on many other mods: it’s definitely nice not to have to keep locking and unlocking the button just to be able to put the mod down.
The Bagga was extremely well-received by the members of our group buy, who almost universally praised it for its workmanship and performance, though there were some complaints that the black etching on the mod rubs off too easily.


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