The Drunker by SmokTech

SmokTech’s new Drunker is an odd little rebuildable atomizer. Shaped like a beer bottle, it holds two wicks that pass into a 5ml tank through four wick holes. At the top of the unit, the wicks meet in a tiny ceramic cup where a rebuildable coil vaporizes the juice.
We didn’t expect much from it, frankly. The dangling strings and knurled design give it a bit of a retro look (retro being relative to vaping timelines, of course, and meaning that the Drunker looks like an atomizer from the long-ago days of, say, 2011 or early 2012). However, we’ve found the wick and coil design, even right out of the box with no fiddling, to be very effective. The included coil is approximately 2.4 ohms (ours measured 2.6 ohms). Vapor production has been very good, flavor is minimally muted, and we have experienced no leaks or dry hits, even under heavy use.
Rebuilding the Drunker is a relatively simple affair, the only really difficult parts being convincing the ends of the wicks to go through the small-diameter holes into the tank, and feeding the wires through the tiny holes in the cup. Adeline submitted an excellent post on ECF, “Inside the Drunker Tank,” illustrating how to rebuild the atomizer. We used this as our guide and found it to be relatively painless.
The Drunker’s diameter is approximately 20mm, making it ideal for slant-top mods. If you happen to have a Kamry KTS x6 like the one we recently reviewed, the Drunker is a particularly excellent aesthetic choice, as the fit is flush and the knurling of the Drunker matches the knurling on the KTS quite well. As one of our squad members pointed out, the two look like they were made for each other.
While it is quite possible to use the Drunker without a drip tip due to the long neck, standard 510 tips will fit, and may be more comfortable to use.


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