The QZI Megatron Battery Mod

  The Megatron is a beauty. Constructed of thick, solid stainless steel with brass contacts, we probably should have been warned before taking it out into the sunlight. The Megatron is polished to a mirror finish so reflective that there was a moment just after unwrapping it from the packing materials that the sunlight flashing off its surface was literally blinding. The Megatron is not a mod for those who are obsessive-compulsive about fingerprints: it is, unabashedly, a beautifully highly-polished mod that is going to attract fingerprints like donuts attract cops.

The QZI Megatron is a bottom-fired mod, with an adjustable-throw button that is wonderfully designed. A few twists of the button will lock it into a position flush with the mod, preventing it from firing, and it can be twisted back out to a position comfortable for firing. An adjustable mechanism on the inside of the switch allows the internal throw to be adjusted as well, to account for variances in battery sizes. Between these internal and external throw adjustments, we were able to make the button on our Megatron work exactly how we wanted it, with exactly the amount of distance between the “on” and “off” positions that was comfortable for us. The switch, while very easy to manipulate, has a large spring more than sturdy enough to allow standing the Megatron mod on end without it firing, even under the weight of what is a rather hefty amount of metal.

QZI Megatron in hybrid drip mode

The QZI has all the hallmarks of a quality mod: the finish is flawless, the threading is smooth as silk, and the laser-etched engraving is deep and crisp. Optional tubes are available to handle a range of battery sizes from 18350 up to 18800, meaning this mod can be used with a Kick even with an 18650 battery, something we’ve found to be relatively rare.
A Hybrid… or Not
With the QZI Megatron Rebuildable Atomizer or the QZI Megatron Genesis, the mod goes into a Hybrid mode. Rather than use a 510 connector, these atomizer screw directly onto the tube’s threading. This provides a very clean, integrated hybrid-type look, as well as the kind of performance you would expect from a hybrid. While these atomizers cannot be used with other mods, as they lack any kind of standard connector, this tight integration with the Megatron Battery Mod provides excellent conductivity, with negligible voltage loss.
And the Megatron Genesis is an extremely nice piece of work. With dual-coil capabilities, generous wick holes, and adjustable dual air intake, this atomizer cranks out vapor and flavor as good as anything we’ve seen, and it looks gorgeous doing it.
Under the cap of the QZI Megatron Genesis

Under the cap of the QZI Megatron Genesis

The QZI also has a separate top cap with a 510 connector so that it can be used with non-QZI atomizers, giving the best of both worlds: the performance of a hybrid when used with QZI atomizers, without giving up the ability to use any other 510-compatible atomizer.
The QZI Megatron Rebuildable Atomizer
The Megatron Rebuildable Atomizer is designed as a silica-based dripper. Setup is about as simple as it gets with a rebuildable: large, generously-slotted screws make it easy to attach coil ends, and we were even sent an instructional video with setup tips and hints in the days just before our Megatron arrived. We had our Megatron up and running in minutes with very little effort, and it’s cranking out huge clouds of vapor with excellent flavor. Generous amounts of wire and wicking material were provided with the atomizer; certainly enough that we could have botched the job a few times and still had extra left over.