Deus Mod Prism

Vaping is definitely a global thing. Take the Deus Mods Prism, for example. The Prism is a collaboration between mod makers in the Philippines and Korea, and to make things even more global, we heard about it through the Canadian distributor, Apothecar•E. We were impressed enough from the description to order one sent to our HQ in Texas, which gave our Prism quadruple citizenship before it had ever had an atomizer attached to it.
The Deus Mods Prism is a mechanical mod, built to accommodate batteries ranging from an 18350 up to an 18650. Adjustments are made simple by a dual-telescoping design (the bottom and top tubes both extend from inside a hexagonal center tube), much like the Grand Vapor Private we’ve reviewed here previously. It’s an elegantly simple design that allows easy battery size adjustments by extending or retracting either or both of the end tubes, meaning neither has to move very far, so switching to different sized batteries is quick and easy.
We have to admit we were very impressed with the mod right out of the box. The Deus Mods Prism is built from weighty SUS 304 food grade stainless steel, and has all the hallmarks of a very well-built mod. In addition to the 4.6-ounce heft of the mod without a battery inserted, the we’ve found the threads everywhere to be about as buttery smooth as we’ve seen. One of the selling points of the Prism is that it is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008-compliant facility, and while we at first brushed that off as marketing-speak, once we got the mod in our hands the attention to manufacturing details and quality control was very apparent. We’re not exaggerating by saying this really looks and feels like one of the best-built mods we’ve had our hands on.
There’s a lot to like about the Deus Mods Prism, not the least of which is its very unique look. In a market increasingly filled with knockoffs, copies and imitations, the Prism stands out. The hexagonal center tube we mentioned above plays a large part in that; the play of light on the surface makes the Prism recognizable even from a pretty large distance, and has the added benefit of preventing the mod from rolling when it is laid on its side. The top and bottom caps also sport a unique diamond cut engraving that adds a bit more showiness to the mod. If you’re a stealth vaper who’d rather not have people notice that you’re vaping, the Prism is probably not your mod. It practically begs for attention.
In addition to the eye-grabbing design, the Prism also features laser engraving of a Deus Mods logo and a small serial number on the center tube, as well as a second logo on the button which is an amalgamation of the Korean flag’s yin-yang symbol imposed on the Philippine sun. The two symbols look great together and very effectively tell a story about how the mod was made.
The Prism’s not just about looks, though. It’s got all the features you’d expect in a high-quality mechanical mod, including things like silver-coated copper contacts and a floating positive pin, and grooves cut into the top cap to improve atomizer air flow. It’s got a reverse-threaded locking ring above the bottom-mounted button, and while we’ve found it difficult on other mods to lock the button without accidentally unscrewing it, we’ve had no such issues with the Prism. We’ve also found that the button has just the right amount of stiffness that it won’t fire if stood on end without engaging the lock, but not so much that the button is difficult to press.
Performance of the mod was quite good on our load tests, with an average voltage retention of approximately 95%, or a drop of around .2 volts from a battery charged to 4.2 volts. While we’ve some mods crank out more volts, we’ve seen very few which performed as consistently as the Deus Mods Prism, which gave us exactly the same voltage every time the button was pressed, varying only as the voltage within the battery dropped.
Considering the quality of hardware we’ve seen coming from Korea and the Philippines in the last year or so, we had high hopes for the Deus Mods Prism — and having used it for several days we now, we have to say that it’s lived up to them, by proving to a be an extremely well-built mod with consistently good performance, and more than enough style to look good in the hand. Priced at $215 from Deus Mods, this mod will put a bit of a dent in the bank account, but in the case of the Prism we think you get what you pay for.
We’ll be looking forward to what comes out of this multi-national collaboration in the future, and until then, we’ll be getting a lot of use out of our Prism.


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