Innokin iTaste VV 3

If you’re into looking for the bright side of things, one of the fun parts about moving is having forwarded packages show up long after you’d forgotten they were on the way. One of those recent arrivals was a couple of Innokin iTaste VV’s that we’d been planning to try out, but had taken so long making their way through the post office, twice, that having them show up in the mailbox was a bit like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of some old jeans.
The Innokin iTaste VV is sort of a cross between an eGo Twist and an MVP 2.0, with the small form factor of an eGo, and the sort of flexible, easy-to-use functionality familiar to users of other Innokin products. At 15mm wide and under 110mm long, it’s the smallest variable wattage device we’ve reviewed so far.
The iTaste VV is a bit unusual in appearance for an eGo-sized PV. Innokin, who has been taking some design risks lately and shunning the traditional cigarette-like shape and size of other vendors, chose to make the VV square. Near the bottom is a small LCD panel and two buttons: a configuration that will be very familiar to users of Innokin’s iTaste MVP, and the VV works very similarly to the MVP.

Where the controls diverge from those of the MVP are mostly in the functions that control variable wattage, which is only just being added to the 2.0 version of the MVP that is just now starting to ship from vendors. With the + and – buttons, wattage can be adjusted from 6 to 11 watts, in .5 watt increments. If desired, variable voltage can also be used, and the iTaste VV supports a range of 3.3 to 5 volts in that mode. In both modes, we found the devices’ output to be very accurate.
The iTaste VV also includes atomizer resistance detection and short-circuit and overcharge protection, in addition to its MVP-like battery voltage detection, which will illuminate the button green , yellow or red to indicate the charge level of the battery.
Speaking of the battery — it’s one of the areas where we find the iTaste VV to be a bit lacking. All of the circuitry of the VV takes up space inside the unit, leaving less room for the battery. Presumably in order to keep the device small, Innokin has placed an 800 mAh battery in it, which is roughly equivalent to some of the lower-capacity eGos on the market. The iTaste VV won’t hold a charge for very long, but fortunately a few features make this less of a problem than it might be with other PVs. For starters, at the bottom of the unit is a Micro USB port that makes hooking the iTaste VV to a charger simple, and the device can be used as a passthrough device, meaning you can keep vaping while it’s charging. The VV comes with a wall charger and a handy retractable USB cable that fits easily in a pocket.
Our iTaste VVs arrived in two models: one that came with a box of five iClear 16 clearomizers, and another which came with a box of five iClear 10s clearos. There are differences between the two models on the battery end as well: the iClear 16 version uses a standard 510 connector, making it usable with any 510-based atomizer, and has beveled edges that give the VV a clean, finished look, even with a rounded atomizer on top.
The 10S version of the iTaste VV is a bit more specialized. It’s also got a 510 connection, but it’s completely squared off to better match the looks of the square 10S atomizer, and also includes a pen-cap-like atomizer cover that fits snugly over an iClear 10S. The unit looks very clean and is practically leak-proof when fully assembled, resembling a high-tech, squared off fountain pen. However, we’ve had a bit of trouble with the iClear 10S atomizers staying connected. The threads are a bit shallow, and don’t grip well, so we’ve experienced a bit of frustration in finding the point where we’ve screwed the atomizer on tight enough that it will function, but not so tight that it comes back off the threads. The 10S is also a very low-capacity atomizer, so unless you’re a very light vaper you’ll probably need to refill quite often. For these reasons, we’d recommend going with the iClear 16 version over the 10S model.
Both models of the iTaste VV 3.0 are selling for just under $50 at most retailers. Considering that this price includes five atomizers, the price seems very reasonable, and the iTaste VV would certainly be an excellent choice for those just starting out with vaping, or those who want a small, portable device, particularly if their needs for battery life are fairly light or they don’t mind being tethered to a charging cable.


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